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2019-10-24 03:20:31

$500.00 a day, under the radar.

Get $500.00 a day under the radarFLY LOW, COLLECT YOUR DOUGHIf you like privacy, want to avoid nosy neighbors, the snoops, and even some deadbeat relatives, then learn how to FLY LOW AND COLLECT YOUR DOUGH.Cash. Gift cards. Barter. Money orders. Stamps. One off debit cards. PO Boxes. Cheap cell phones.These are tools to keep the snoops out of your business. Mom taught me to �mind my own business�, and I do. Hope you do too.But if you're not making at least 500 dollars a day from your business, then you either don't know how or you need to scale up.Make your dough from the privacy of your home, no one needs to know how or what you do. You owe NO ONE any explanations about what you do. And you don't need to spend much time doing it.Make your money with mail order programs such as gifting, clubs, ad flyers, HOTSHEETS, postcards, big mails, mailing services, circulars, publishing. We'll tell you the best ones. ORMake your money online, with web sites, ads, special offers, reports, folios, HOTSHEETS, blogs, email, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, eBay. We show you how.OR offline, make your money buying and selling, arbitrage, publishing, teaching, mentoring, conferring, absentee owned businesses, etc. We help you choose.Good golly Molly, we old-timers would say, when it comes to making some cold hard cash there are so many ways. But we don't make a loud noise about what we do. Some of us, who have been around over half a century now, keep things on the down low, the �quiet�, the NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS what I do.And we quietly and steadily bring in the CASH day after day, month after month, year after year. DECADE AFTER DECADE!Gordon Direct.

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